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One of the best mentors I’ve encountered in life is the game of Blackjack.

From time to time, surprising insights emerge from the green felt. Like many things in life, the more time you invest into it, the more it gives back.

The odd transition from mere game to life instructor began after a fateful weekend visit to the casino a few years ago. I only intended to play a couple rounds that night, hoping to turn some cash into a little more, a casual ambition. The rounds kept coming and it turned into an all-night affair. …

How to Use Meditation to Fuel Your Coding Journey

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In the Super Skill series, we will explore powerful non-coding skills that will help support and fuel your coding journey. Today we will discuss meditation and how to implement the practice as a software developer.

Flow State and Meditation

While meditation has multiple benefits for software developers, the most valuable gift derived from training the mind is achieving a highly optimized mental state of being. As you can imagine, a powerful and clear mental state is prized by the software developer facing the cognitive feats of dexterity it often takes to design, develop, refactor, problem solve, and ultimately produce good code.

While this mental…

A holistic framework for conducting ourselves in the digital era

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For those of you feeling lost or stuck, I want to propose an opportunity to recalibrate yourself to the now with an appraisal of our modern landscape and some ways we may function well within it.

The world is in an unprecedented period of change. We watch the world turn from blue screens. Amidst our casual doom scrolling, it seems the magnitude of the change insidiously escapes our awareness.

I typically tend towards a pragmatic, action-seeking approach to life, but lately, I’ve been tempted towards a philosophical outlook. I think this time of our lives calls for it. Like many…

Sometimes a Little Wisdom Comes From an Unexpected Source

Life is a school of hard knocks, but we can take pause and learn from it.

I know nothing about you, but personally some of my best gifts of knowledge originate from places of real struggle and pain. I’m a scrappier, grittier person today than I used to be from all that I’ve encountered. I can’t shake the feeling that we’re forced to pay a pretty big price for perspective. For me it’s a bunch of U words that might as well be F words: unprocessed trauma, unemployment, and upheaval, to name a few.

As much as I advocate for…

Get started with more ease and less hassle.

If you are trying to learn some basic Git version control for your professional or personal projects for the first time and facing difficulties, you’re not alone. Git is a little confusing at first plain and simple.

But does it have to be confusing?

When I first sat down to learn git version control for use in web development projects, I felt stifled, confused, and couldn’t execute. The terminology wasn’t clicking for me and I needed a break from the documentation.

Only when I started plugging in commands in the terminal and stopped reading technical explanations did I start gaining…


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For new software developers looking to select an IDE from the multitude of choices available, Visual Studio Code is a satisfying option worthy of your consideration.

For those new to this type of software, IDE stands for integrated development environment. The software comes equipped with various features to support coding project creation such as coding, task automation, and debugging.

Many IDE’s are compatible with multiple programming languages as well. VS code supports a multitude of programming languages and will likely accommodate your needs. I enjoy the multi-language feature as I create projects in HTML, CSS, Python, and eventually Java Script.

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As a new student to web development, I recently had an aha moment by realizing the potential for using viewport height (vh) and viewport width (vw) units in the declaration property value.

When it comes to sizing objects with CSS, the wide variety of available sizing units can feel a little overwhelming at first. Which sizing unit should I use? When should I use it? I started relying on pixels (px) as my go to sizing unit because it made sense and it seemed to work well in the code.

Pixels fall into the absolute sizing category which means the…

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If you have a few minutes to spare, I can show you a very fun and very powerful exercise to help you unlock new insights and opportunities in your life.

You can perform this exercise any time. Personally, I like to drink my morning coffee and work on it.

As a bonus, this potent little trick has a math formula to help you quantify its power which you can quickly calculate. Believe it or not, they teach this math equation in high school algebra. …

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Writers, musicians, artists, marketers, entrepreneurs, and curious readers: you need to read Seth Godin’s blog. It’s a useful treasure chest of wisdom and a nice little retreat for someone examining their creative or professional work. I know you can spare a few minutes for this. Stop there for some quick inspiration, guidance, and entertainment.

Why is this blog so great? Every day he posts a new entry. Every single day. It’s such a seemingly innocuous yet incredible feat for a writer to produce that much and that consistently, in my opinion. …

There are brand new signs of civic sickness in the small Midwest City where I live.

Not the same old signs-like the rust belt scars it shares with its big brother Detroit.

No, these signs are new. The city is showing fresh wounds.

A heap of hastily assembled tents sprung up on the north east side of town. These polyester shelters are immediate. I smell the fires burning and the exhaust from vehicles dropping off used blankets. I hear the low chattering of despondent voices when I drive by with the windows down.

Each week it grows. It snuck into…

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